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Alban Ferrieu, PhD

Cofounder of Anywhere Uni, I have been an international university counsellor for more than 13 years, working in top international schools in Canada (Lycée Français de Toronto), the UK (American Community Schools London), and Singapore (Tanglin Trust British School). I have developed a unique knowledge of the IBDP, the French, the British and the American curriculum. Through the years, I have supported more than 500 students applying to 20 countries in 200+ universities. The unique expertise I have built is deeply linked to my extensive network of admission officers in some of the best universities worldwide. By staying up to date with the latest trends and actively participating in major international conferences, I provide personable and efficient university advising to ambitious high school students. I am a trained Counselling Psychologist (France), I have a PhD in Education (Canada), I am certified through the College Advising Program of Columbia University (USA) and I am an active IACAC member (IEC category). I am bilingual in French and English.

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The university application process can be overwhelming and selective institutions are more competitive than ever. Grades are often only one piece of the admission process and every element of an application needs to be carefully crafted. In this increasingly complex and often stressful journey, I offer not only full guidance and support but most importantly a partnership. When other companies throw a multitude of experts at a student, I focus on building trust and fostering a solid relationship. By working with a limited number of families, I pride myself in a personalised approach and I value the right for each young person to be heard.

My goal is to help students expand their horizons, not only on ‘how to get in’, but on ‘how to find the right fit’ for their academic and personal profile. It’s also about making the journey meaningful and enjoyable, so they can grow throughout the process. This approach has allowed me to be highly successful in supporting these young women and young men through their journey towards top international universities.


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French National Register ADELI 359310307

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CAP certification from Columbia University

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Mentor, regular presenter and faculty member

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CRIFPE multiuniversity research centre

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