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Walking on Campus


Engage in open & respectful communication. Build trust through transparent practices. Honor confidentiality. Refuse discrimination. Always thrive for the best outcomes.

These values are directly reflected in our practice:

- Our services are most relevant for students that don't have a school counsellor or little access to them.

- We encourage students to aim high while remaining honest and realistic in our advice.

- We help students find their "hook" to stand out, knowing that there are no "back-doors" to university.

- We maximize chances of admission and we refuse false statements in an application.

- Even if some university offers might be "likely", they can never be guaranteed.

- We facilitate contacts with admission officers for the support they can provide, not to negotiate an offer.

- We contact the student's school to provide support when need be, but we don't influence grades.

- We guide and support students through the essay writing process but we don't write essays for them.

- We guide, follow-up and remind deadlines but, ultimately, the student has to take responsibility.

- We are there every step of the way but we don't access the student's emails or personal accounts.

- We provide guidance to organize and support the testing strategy, but we don't do test prep ourselves.

- We can explore scholarships and share financial aid resources but we can’t guarantee the outcome.

- We answer questions about students' visas but we can’t predict the issue of a specific visa application.

- We send reminders when needed but we can't apply on behalf of the student.

- We commit to reply to all queries within 24h, Monday to Friday (outside of Public Holidays, the last week of July and the first two weeks of August).

- In an effort to better serve our students in all time zones, we offer a wide range of timings to schedule meetings (including Sundays).

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